Sunnyside councilman Jim Restucci withdraws from the county commmission race

Greetings All, Just to keep the record straight, I have withdrawn my candidacy for Yakima County Commissioner District 3. Regards, Jim

Sunnyside city councilman announces bid for Yakima County Commission, District #3

SUNNYSIDE, WA, March 21, 2018 — Local businessman and longtime city councilman Jim Restucci announced today his intent to file for the Yakima County Commission, District #3 seat, currently held by Rand Elliott.  Elliott announced on Friday, that he would not seek re-election. Restucci, 50, a Republican has served on … Continue reading

Local mayors tapped to represent interests of cities

The members of the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) last month voted Sunnyside Mayor Jim Restucci as its new vice president and Mabton Mayor Mario Martinez as the fourth district representative. The association is an organization originally created about 70 years ago, said Restucci. It was formed when prohibition ended … Continue reading

Downtown Sunnyside facelift nearly done; new sidewalks, trees, lights

So pleased with the way the downtown turned out.  Especially proud of how the citizens of Sunnyside dealt with the construction.  Also, a special thanks to my fellow colleagues on the Sunnyside City Council both present and past.  This has been a long time coming and as mayor I couldn’t … Continue reading

Publishing Disclaimer

The following disclaimer applies to any and all topics, posts and articles published by me, James (Jim) A. Restucci, or any other recognizable nickname or alias that I may use, including but not limited to™ – a social networking site operated by Axcess Internet Services, Inc.® I am the Co-Founder and Chief … Continue reading

Editorial: Strong Mayor Form of Government

Re: the recent editorial by John Fannin, “Strong mayor form of government would be ideal for city of Sunnyside,” dated Oct. 3, 2007. Mr. Fannin’s suggestion of changing our form of government because of the recent issues with the city manager or the upcoming budget challenges does not make sense. … Continue reading

Opinion Paper: Burns-Lemos Annexation, Appearance of Fairness, et al.

Many people have asked me why I had recused myself, and although I don’t necessarily feel I should have to say why and the law does not compel me to do so, I will say this. Does it really matter? I think what really matters is whether or not I … Continue reading

Editorial: Little Council

Dear: L.R. Zimmerman, Epitacio Navarro, Richard Wilson, Kenny Nelson, Bill Kresse, Don Hughes, June Hughes, Stan Snow, Elaine Snow, Dan Kephart, Brenda Kephart, Pedro Chiprez, Jim Grubenhoff, Bob W. Hall, Sandra Martinez, John Dalrymple, Mike Aguirre I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to read your Letter to the Editor and … Continue reading