Board and Commissioning Process

In my official capacity as Mayor of the City of Sunnyside, I am charged by the City Council with appointing all citizen board and commission members.

If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please see the process outlined below:

  1. Applicant fills out application
  2. The applicant submits an application to the City Clerk's office.
  3. Along with the application, you must submit your Open Government Training Act certificate of training.
  4. The Mayor, in consultation with the Deputy Mayor and City Manager, determine the qualifications of the applicant and the Mayor decides who to put forward to the City Council for Confirmation.
  5. The Mayor will place the name before the City Council and they will vote to either confirm or deny the appointment.
  6. If they confirm then the Mayor places an item on the agenda to read the Commissioning Certificate and administer the Oath of Office to the individual.
  7. If they deny the appointment, the Mayor must seek another candidate.

This is the process that has been outlined by the Sunnyside City Council in their Council Rules of Procedure.

To access the Application online as well as the training please visit the City's website at:

You may also contact the City Clerk's office at (509) 836-6310 or via email at


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