Downtown Sunnyside facelift nearly done; new sidewalks, trees, lights

So pleased with the way the downtown turned out.  Especially proud of how the citizens of Sunnyside dealt with the construction.  Also, a special thanks to my fellow colleagues on the Sunnyside City Council both present and past.  This has been a long time coming and as mayor I couldn't be happier!

Those who have problems viewing the above video click here for a direct link to KIMA-TV Yakima.

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7 Responses to Downtown Sunnyside facelift nearly done; new sidewalks, trees, lights

  1. Tony Russillo says:

    Very nice. People are drawn to charm, a sense of community and pride by people and business, so it seems Sunnyside is on the right track. Keep leading the way!

  2. jim® says:

    Thank you gentlemen, as I said, long time coming, planning has been in the works for years, and many of the Council Members who were on Council when we starting talking about this are no longer serving, so this post was a thank you to them as well.

  3. Tony Restucci (a very proud Father) says:

    Nice work Mr. Mayor.

  4. russd83 says:

    Congratulations! Seeing large projects through to completion is harder than it looks from the outside. Good job Mr Mayor!

  5. TVNews says:

    Totally cool. Good spot on the news too.