Big Y, ABC 40 Backyard Barbeque Heads to Amherst

My nephew Zachary was recently on television for the Fourth of July. Although I published this separately on my Facebook page, I wanted to share with the rest of the family and friends that visit/view my blog.

Here is a Youtube Embed:

[media width=”540″ height=”320″ link=””]

And here is a link to the shared 120MB Video File on my OneDrive.

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5 Responses to Big Y, ABC 40 Backyard Barbeque Heads to Amherst

  1. Tony Restucci says:

    Well I’m very glad James you sent the video, and a big Thank You to Jenn and I’m very proud of Zach on the way he handled himself..Love GrandPa Tony

  2. russd83 says:

    That was terrific! I swear, you Restuccis are always getting into the news …

    • jim® says:

      Thanks for the comment Russ! Yes, I would agree we do seem to find the spotlight, or maybe the spotlight finds us, not sure 🙂