Say Hello to Nox

I have been holding off posting this because I wanted to make sure there were no problems with the little guy.  However after receiving a clean bill of health from Dr. Jones, I am proud to introduce you to the newest member of the Restucci Clowder.

He's a stray that was dropped off at Dr. Jones' doorstep and how we got him is of course a testiment to Dr. Jones' care for the wellbeing of not only the pets in our family, but our family in general.  As you recall I had to take our 13 year old cat Byte in last month and unfortunately she was too far gone to save.  After I said my goodbyes to her I relocated to the waiting room to wait for Doctor.  As I sat there with the empty cat carrier next to me feeling very alone and remembering all the good times we had with Byte, Dr. Jones came into the waiting room and handed me a little black kitten barely 4 weeks old.  He asked me to hold him for a minute while he tended to other patients.  Well a few minutes turned into 10, then 20 and 30 minutes later Dr. Jones came back and the little guy was asleep on my chest.  Without skipping a beat Dr. Jones said, “So you're going to take him home, right?” – I smiled and said of course I am, and you knew that didn't you?” – he just smiled.

So without further ado…Say Hello to Nox (Latin: meaning Night):

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11 Responses to Say Hello to Nox

  1. Mike says:

    PITCHERS! We want moe pitchers! : )))))))

  2. Leland says:

    Look what my spell checker did to the word oversees… >.<

  3. Mike says:

    “Nox overseas the edge of reality where the chaos begins.”

    I’ve never heard a more beautiful description of Jim’s lair… errrr… OFFICE, I meant! : )

    Well done.

  4. Leland says:

    Nox Kitty!

    Nox, also spelled Nyx, is also the original Goddess from the beginning of time. She is the mother of Thanatos (Death), Oneiri (Dreams), Luna (Lost loves), the Fates and other immortals that many used to believe governed all facets of our daily lives.

    It is said Nox is very powerful. Even Zeus didn’t mess with Nox.

    Nox overseas the edge of reality where the chaos begins. That is the substance the fates use to weave the the threads of life. Other then Clotho, the youngest of the three fates, no one dares to enter the realm of Nox.

    You picked up quite a handful in that one.

  5. Mike says:


    Helo Nox !! Welcome!! You have found a good home! : ))

  6. russd83 says:

    Nox is also a euphemism for nitrogen oxide, a horsepower boost used in top fuel dragsters and funny cars. Noting the way he goes for controllers and such, either meaning may be fitting.

    • jim® says:

      So true my friend and the way he runs around here you would think he has nitrous coursing through his veins 🙂

  7. DeLeesa Restucci says:

    Nox is a great little kitten and Dr. Jones knows best when it comes to people and their pets.