Merry Christmas from the Restucci Family

Greetings All,

Hope you enjoyed this rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.  I personally like the new lyrics; however, some have taken issue with Cloverton's changes.  I have always loved the song, and first heard Jeff Buckley's version on an episode of The West Wing.  CJ Craig had just gotten the news that her Secret Service love (played by Mark Harmon) had been shot and killed.  The music was eerily beautiful and I was lost in the drama of the moment, so I really didn't listen to the words.

I have since listened to the original artist's words many times and believe that Cohen would probably take issue with Cloverton's Christian version, mainly due to his Jewish beliefs.  However, as the saying goes, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Regardless if you prefer the original or the remake…

Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Warm regards,
Jim & DeLeesa

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas from the Restucci Family

  1. russd83 says:

    I enjoyed the video very much. As an agnostic, I’m not swayed by the literature of his written word, but still can be moved by the music of his sung word. But that thought reminds me of …

    When I was in Japan in the late-1960s, I was invited to what I was assured was a great honor – A high Shinto service. This is apparently a rare occasion where the priest performs the full, historic service, and performs it in an ancient dialect of Japanese. Needless to say, I understood not a word of the service, but the sheer majesty of the ritual – he in full ceremonial robes and head dress, two kyoto players seated off to one side, and all three in near-Kubuki makeup – left me with the deepest sense of awe and reverence from any ceremony I can remember.

    I always have found that interesting.

    • jim® says:

      Russ, thanks for the comment. What a prestigious honor to be included and present for such an auspicious ceremony, thanks for sharing.