A New Face at the Casa di Restucci

As you all know we recently adopted a little rescue kitten named Onyx.  She did get a clean bill of health; however, she was really stressing out one of our older cats, Tigger (13 years old), so Doc Jones suggested we get another kitten about the same age as Onyx and she would have someone to play with.

Long story short, our newest member of the family is a rescue from the Yakima Humane Society and I have to say he is fitting in wonderfully!

Say hello to Ollie!



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5 Responses to A New Face at the Casa di Restucci

  1. jimrest says:

    Thanks Mike! Yes, Max is still missed by us as well.

  2. mike.s says:

    (tips his hat to BIG MAX)

    still missed on this side of the pond.

  3. mike.s says:

    HELLO OLLIE !!!!! : ))))))))))))))))))))))

    You’ve found a GOOD home! Congrats!

    Benvenuti a vita familiare Restucci! : ))

  4. anne-marie says:

    Bless you for adopting 2 more kittens!!!! I have 2 Siamese that were supposed to be left with me for 6 weeks, and that was 2003!!! I still have the brother and sister cat, and love them too death!!! I like dogs a lot so when Pomba and Simba (NO I did not name them)!! go to heaven in the backyard to join Pudee and Rex, I probably will get either a shelter kitten or a shelter puppy/dog. Again bless you for taking in the shelter kitties and may God Bless your Creatures and your Home. Anne-Marie Hastings Bothell, wa

    • jimrest says:

      Thanks Anne-Marie, we love our cats, and miss our dog Max, but are not ready to get another dog. As they say time heals all wounds, and he was part of our family, and we cannot bring ourselves to get another, yet 🙂