New addition to the Restucci household

Onyx-20130828-1200Greetings Family and Friends,

I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of the Restucci household.

Her name is Onyx and she is barely 5 weeks old.  A good friend of mine was working security and found her caught in a fence.

She is a little malnurished but seems to be in good health.  Doc Jones will be taking a look at her tomorrow at 11:30AM, until then she is quarantined from the rest of the cats and is hanging out here in my office.

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3 Responses to New addition to the Restucci household

  1. jimrest says:

    Thanks Guys! We are very excited! Hope she gets a clean bill of health today from Doc Jones. I will post more pictures soon, promise.

  2. TV News says:

    Totally cool.

  3. Mike says:

    Congratulations!!!! A furry cutie!!!!! : ))))

    Post moe pics! : ))))))))))))