Lost 12-year old white/orange tabby

Dear Friends and Family,

20050326182538-Bit-AAAQXThe Restucci household has gone through another loss recently.  Our cat Bit, a 12-year old white/orange tabby has gone missing.

A week ago we had a repairman here doing some work on our dryer, unfortunately our son had to leave for work, and although we trust the repairman emphatically, something happened from the time Dylan left and I arrived.  Bit was always at the door and trying to get out, so we figure that is what happened.20060918095004-Bit-AAARC

We have contacted the Yakima Humane Society and have filed a lost report.  I have even spoken to the Sunnyside Officer and provided her with a description of Bit.

He has been since his birth an indoor cat and does not have the necessary skills to survive long outdoors.

We are asking for your help, if you live in the Sunnyside area, especially on the hill, please keep an eye out for him, and if you find him, call us day or night, (509) 643-4343.

Jim & DeLeesa

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3 Responses to Lost 12-year old white/orange tabby

  1. jimrest says:

    Well folks, it looks like Bit is not coming home. DeLeesa and I appreciate the kind thoughts, we are hopeful that he found a good home and someone to love him.

  2. jimrest says:

    Thanks Abe!

  3. Abe Frohman says:

    Crap! sorry to hear that, hopefully Bit will get hungry and head home!