There is a new browser in town!

So my wife DeLeesa asked me recently about this new browser, RockMelt and honestly had no idea what it was, so after a little Googling I found this video:


Looks interesting, definitely not ready to replace my Firefox; however, I am going to load it on my personal laptop and take it for a spin while I watch television with the family.

Will let you know how I make out.

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4 Responses to There is a new browser in town!

  1. jimr says:

    After watching the video, I tend to agree with you TV; however, provided you can turn off the stuff you don’t want, it might be a viable solution.

  2. jimr says:

    Thanks for the comments Jason!

    You are correct, Mark Andreesen of Netscape fame is behind this browser. I was a strong supporter of Netscape in the early days; however, that all changed when IE4 came out.

    It will be interesting to see how this browser deals with Javascript, ActiveX and SilverLight as I have a number of sites that require one or more of these to run correctly.

    I tried IE9b but had real problems with Javascript, and although I love FF3 it has problems with SilverLight.

    I have signed up for the beta, now I am just waiting to hear from RockMelt. They require you to “Like” them on Facebook before you can get the beta, kind of putting the cart before the horse if you ask me; however, I will give them a fair shot.

    Will let you know how I make out.

  3. TVNews says:

    Too many moving parts for me.

  4. Jim,
    I have not tried this new browser out, but did just read a magazine article about it. Several of the team members that created Netscape a few years ago have gotten back together to create this new browser. As the video points out, its major feature of distinction is its integration of Facebook and Twitter.

    Please keep us informed about your experiences test driving it.