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8 Responses to Gemalto Sues Google, HTC, Samsung Over Java Card Technology – Bloomberg

  1. TVNews says:


    AT&T’s sins:

    1-They obsoleted $7,000 worth of specialized cell phone gear we used in our trucks without notice. They just quit working one day and it took the worthless slime balls three days to tell us they had been shut off and would not be reactivated.

    2-They lied about having nationwide GSM coverage. It is true that at some date (prior to the lie our sales critter and upper management tried to feed me) they did in fact build out GSM on all their towers. However their roaming partners did not. To this day there are still mom & pop cell companies that are running TDMA.

    3-They grossly under estimated the effect of the iPhone on their network. The load has caused some areas data services to slow to speeds that make the old 28K dial-up modems look quick. In some areas like NYC, Chicago and the southern California coast they pulled iPhones off the shelves trying to stem some of the data jams. To this day they have yet to step up to the plate and acknowledge there is a problem, let alone talk about what they are doing to fix it.

    (That last one doesn’t affect me at all as I did not get an iPhone. However it doesn’t make it anymore right.)

  2. jimr says:

    Jason, I agree with you wholeheartedly on the recall issue.  I have tried out an Android, but decided to switch from my iPhone3 to an iPhone4 and couldn’t be happier.

    Although I will agree I like the open source nature of the Android (Steve’s iron fisted ways, do get old) – I have to admit when I compare the Android (2.2) to iPhone4 OS, the iPhone4 OS is much cleaner and doesn’t seem to be as buggy, just my opinion.

    TVNews has availed me to the myriad of problems he has had with his Android.  I know a number of people that have Androids, and for the most part they seem happy, many have reported problems with syncing with Microsoft Exchange, which for me would be a show stopper, as I have both a Corporate Exchange account and a City Exchange account.

    It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out.

  3. I am not familiar with the details of this lawsuit, but the success of the Android phones surely makes them a big target.

    My Android phone has been serving me well for several months. Thanks for the info on the lawsuit, it should be interesting to watch, but I doubt Android phones will ever be pulled from the market because of it.

  4. jimr says:

    Hey considering we are discussing iPhone here, I thought you might like to see this:


    I am sure someone in your line of work could use a stainless steel shell for protecting their phone.

  5. jimr says:

    You know, I have heard that from a lot of people; however, for my own part, we have been an AT&T Wireless customer for over 10 years now, we have a Business account with them and manage 7 phones through it, and I can honestly say, I have never really had a problem, they are very responsive to our questions and concerns, I can reach them 24-7-365 and their Premier Control Panel (once you learn how to use it) gives me complete control over all aspects of my company’s phones.

  6. TVNews says:

    Can’t stand AT&T wireless.

  7. jimr says:

    Sorry my friend, it’s a strong argument for the iPhone 4; which BTW I love, and couldn’t be happier.

  8. TVNews says:

    So they are the ones responsible for this mess! A pos on their house and the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed HTC Eris Droid phone.

    (I’m now on number four inside of a year.)