You Never Knew Me

I was unfortunately very busy yesterday with Memorial Day events, and although I was honored to be at these events, I neglected to post something for Memorial Day on my blog.

Below is a poem that I received from a colleague of mine.  I hope you enjoy it.

You Never Knew Me
by J. D. “Illiad” Frazer

You never knew me
as you grew up on that farm
watched the clouds roll by
dreamed of life and love.

You never knew me
when you swore to fight
and kissed your last goodbye
to those who waved and cried.

You never knew me
when they stormed in,
shards of dark metal
quivering as they cut.

You never knew me
as you huddled in the grime
cold and so alone
wishing for the sun.

You never knew me
baker that you were
carpenter or farmer
not a soldier born.

You never knew me
but you cried out for freedom
and defied the coming dark
even as you fell.

And as I kneel by your cross
I realize that I never knew you
but I know you did this for me
even though you never knew me.

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3 Responses to You Never Knew Me

  1. EagleWatch says:

    Thank you, Jim … that means a lot coming from you.

  2. jimr says:

    I am truly sorry that you had to endure that! – I make it point to welcome home all those who have served; however, I pay particular attention to those who served in Vietnam. No soldier should serve their country and come home to the things you came home to. Thank you again for your service to our country, and Welcome Home my friend!

  3. EagleWatch says:

    Very moving … especially to one who came home to an ungrateful nation.