Copier Machine Security

Received this from a friend of mine this morning…


I and my colleagues have been well aware of these security risks for quite some time; however, as one technician friend of mine said, most companies do not want to pay to have a licensed technician remove the data.

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3 Responses to Copier Machine Security

  1. jimr says:

    Theresa thank you for your comments!

    You are absolutely correct. Many of the identity theft issues occurring overseas have been linked to copier and fax machines.

    Something many people do not know is that the data scanned from a fax machine is often left in the buffer of the fax machine until the fax machine is completely turned off.

    I suggest that people traveling overseas, acquire a $500.00 limit credit card to use for emergencies and to not use their normal financial tools when traveling. Also acquire a temporary account ($10.00/month) from a service like efax (

  2. Theresa Hancock says:

    I also understand that this is also the case for fax machines and that this is an up and coming identity theft business in Europe.

  3. TVNews says:

    You know, until now I no idea that copiers had hard drives in them. That make me wonder about self service public machines like Kinkos and others.

    Glad I have a scanner.