Remember the Alamo!

Several months after the Texian Revolution had driven all Mexican troops out of Texas, General Antonio López de Santa Anna returned with 2,400 men on this day in 1836 to destroy the insurgent outpost at San Antonio de Bexar. Between 200 and 260 men defended The Alamo, a three-acre compound built as a mission. One of the commanders, James Bowie, had actually been sent to Bexar to remove the cannons and destroy the "fort". Bowie ignored his orders and decided to mount a defense.

In honor of those brave men and the sacrifice they made to defend The Alamo, today’s quotes are on Defense:

“A faithful friend is a strong defense, and he that hath found him, hath found a treasure. Nothing can be compared to a faithful friend and no weight of gold and silver is able to countervail the goodness of his fidelity.” – Bible, Ecclesiasticus 6:14-15

“Let thy chief fort and place of defense be a mind free from passions. A stronger place and better fortified than this, hath no man.” – Marcus Aurelius, 121 – 180

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack. One defends when his strength is inadequate; he attacks when it is abundant.” – Sun Tzu, c. 544 – c. 496 BC

“There is no defense against adverse fortune which is so effectual as an habitual sense of humor.” – Thomas W. Higginson

“We have entered an age in which education is not just a luxury permitting some men an advantage over others. It has become a necessity without which a person is defenseless in this complex, industrialized society.” – Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1908 – 1973

“There are four boxes to use in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, ammo. Use in that order.” – Ed Howdershelt

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  1. Libby says:

    I like LBJ’s quote best because I think it’s most relevant to today’s world. I also like Thomas Higginson’s.