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5 Responses to PC Woes

  1. Avatarjimr says:

    I wish I had this video when I was doing tech support for the military, many times I would show up at a site and the keyboard would be in pieces or worse [:)]

  2. AvatarJason Raines says:

    Whoa! I will have to start treating my computer a little nicer after watching that.

  3. AvatarEagleWatch says:

    I love it! (secretly, I also knew this to be true)

  4. Avatarjimr says:

    Sorry my friend, I have tested it in both IE and Firefox and it works well.

    In IE we suggest Microsoft Silverlight, in Firefox you will need the Windows Media Player 11 plugin, you can download a copy here:


  5. AvatarTVNews says:

    Won’t work. 🙁