Three birthdays to remember…

Today's theme is based on three birthdays. Charles Gounod was born at Paris on this day in 1818. Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky was born at Oranienbaum, Russia on this day in 1882. And Barry Alan Pinkus (better known as Barry Manilow) was born at Brooklyn, New York on this day in 1946. They have little in common in terms of time, place, or style, but they all are known for their Compositions.

The opportunities of man are limited only by his imagination. But so few have imagination that there are ten thousand fiddlers to one composer.
     – Charles F. Kettering, 1876 – 1958

The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired, but becomes inspired because he is working.
     – Ernest Newman

When we are writing, or painting, or composing, we are, during the time of creativity, freed from normal restrictions, and are opened to a wider world, where colors are brighter, sounds clearer, and people more wondrously complex than we normally realize.
     – Madeleine L'Engle, 1918 – 2007

Creative force, like a musical composer, goes on unweariedly repeating a simple air or theme, now high, now low, in solo, in chorus, ten thousand times reverberated, till it fills earth and heaven with the chant.
     – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803 – 1882

A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians.
     – Frank Zappa, 1940 – 1993

Let us not forget that the greatest composers where also the greatest thieves. They stole from everyone and everywhere.
     – Pablo Casals, 1876 – 1973

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