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The following disclaimer applies to any and all topics, posts and articles published by me, James (Jim) A. Restucci, or any other recognizable nickname or alias that I may use, including but not limited to™ – a social networking site operated by Axcess Internet Services, Inc.®

I am the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Axcess Internet Services, Inc.® – and as such, I may, from time to time issue press releases as well as other communications on behalf of the Chairman and or CEO.  When doing so, these communications are to be considered official Axcess Internet policy and can be used in any publication with or without permission.  Posts that are endorsed as official policy will be conspicuously marked as “Axcess Internet Official Policy” and will contain a Policy number for tracking purposes.

I am also an elected official in the State of Washington and serve on a number of National, State and local organizations and agencies, including the Sunnyside City Council.  From time to time I may make statements to the media; these statements are to be considered official, and are not subject to this disclaimer.

Any article that I re-published is done so with assumed permission under the fair-use laws of the United States, and I will always conspicuously mark it with the publisher and author of the original article/document.  If for any reason you feel that I have violated your rights in posting an article, please contact me directly.


Anything not covered above should be considered Copyright 2012 – 2015 by James A. Restucci and is subject to my Creative Commons Licensing model.


If you have questions about something I have written or co-authored, please contact me directly.



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