Happy Birthday to Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Arthur William Russell was born at Ravenscroft in Wales on this day in 1872, but raised at London after his parents' deaths. Tutored at home, he entered Trinity College, Cambridge in 1890, distinguishing himself in mathematics and philosophy. During WW I he campaigned against British involvement and was imprisoned for six months. (Other than belatedly opposing Hitler, he was against all wars during his life.) He had great hopes for "the Communist experiment" but was not impressed at meeting Lenin or at the unhappy result in the Soviet state. He wrote at least 80 books on philosophy, mathematics, morality, and politics, sixteen volumes of his unpublished work have been released by McMaster University, which also has more than 30,000 letters he wrote. He was the 3rd Earl Russell, and won the 1950 Nobel Prize for literature.

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  1. TVNews says:

    He and Tugwell and Roosevelt all had the same genetic roots.