Aspirin Mailings

I don’t normally use my blog for PSA’s; however considering the heightened levels of security around the world due to the threat of terrorism, I thought I should post this:

This notice has been confirmed as real and was sent to elected officials in Washington State by the Assistant State Emergency Operations Center Manager.



                We have been notified that between May 20th and May 29th, 2009 there will be a nationwide mass mailing of 178,000 envelopes from the Bayer Aspirin Company. Approximately 33,561 of these envelopes will contain a sample of Bayer Aspirin Crystals, which is a white powder. Please be aware of these mailings and the potential to present as “white powder” calls. In addition, soldiers, families and mailrooms should be aware that these envelopes may be coming through their respective mail delivery systems.  Below are copies of the packaging that the mailing contains.  These mailings have already started and to date the ATFP program has not heard of any incidents related to this marketing tool.


Below are samples of the mailing you might receive.

bayer1 bayer2 bayer3

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10 Responses to Aspirin Mailings

  1. jimr says:


  2. jimr says:

    TV, use the standard 🙂 smiley with brackets [] around it.

  3. TVNews says:

    P.S. Well, my rolling on the floor laughing smiley face didn’t work… 🙁

  4. TVNews says:




    Powdered meds dissolved in water hit the system a lot faster then a pill. The people at Bayer are trying to compete with likes of Goody’s Headache Power. The best way to get consumers to try a product is to give them some.

  5. Jason Raines says:

    Mailed aspirin doesn’t kill people. Disgruntled postal workers do. 🙂

  6. Libby says:

    I’m missing something here. Why in the world WOULD the Bayer aspirin people send aspirin to consumers in a crystalin or white powder form? What are you supposed to do with it? Dissolve it in water and ingest it? DUMB!!!!

  7. EagleWatch says:

    Yes indeed, thanks for the heads-up.

  8. TVNews says:

    When aspirin is outlawed, only outlaws will mail aspirin.

  9. Jason Raines says:

    Thanks for the heads up Jim,
    Fortunately our state legislature is out of session, so we don’t have to worry about a panic in Olympia! (Unless the governor’s mansion gets some of this supsicious powder.)

    Given the propensity for people to start hyper-ventilating over “suspicious” packages, this does not seem like the smartest marketing campaign a corporation has ever embarked on.

    Perhaps, instead of mailing the samples, they could have distributed them at pharmacies instead?