Another Clinton Staffer Joins the Obama Team

Most of you already know that Leon Panetta has been confirmed by the Senate as the next Director of Central Intelligence.

Although I agree with DNI Dennis Blair that Mr. Panetta “is an accomplished public servant, who brings a wealth of experience to the job”, I am concerned about Mr. Obama’s claims that his administration would not be full of Washington Elite.

I blogged about how I was worried that an Obama White House would look too much like a Clinton White House, and their would be no “real” change to politics as usual, and here it seems is just another example of that.  As the field fills out, I wonder if anyone is actually keeping track of who the players are or if they are too focused on the game itself.

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One Response to Another Clinton Staffer Joins the Obama Team

  1. Leland says:

    About two thirds of the White House Press Corps are falling all over themselves to praise the new guy and thank God the old guy is gone.

    We are so screwed!