The Final Debate

Well I am happy to say the debates are over, and we are down to the wire.  This election has been one of name calling and mud-slinging, and although I don't agree with one of the pundits that said this is the worse they had ever seen.  I will agree it's definitely time to put an end to it.

Besides, it doesn't seem to be doing any good for McCain.  I mean I am glad he is getting the word out; however the majority of the electorate is either too stupid to see the links or they need you to draw them a picture.

I will agree with my friend Lloyd that McCain won this one; and there was definitely more meat; however I think when it came to Health Care, Obama won that argument, not that I believe in his health care plan mind you, but he just seemed to have all the right answers, and McCain did not.  I also wish McCain would have stopped making those faces, everytime he did, I cringed.

Oh, well now it's on to the election and hopefully a decisive victory so that we don't have another Florida.

(sounds of Jim crossing fingers and toes)


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