2nd Presidential Debate

I had an opportunity, like many others to watch the 2nd Presidential Debate, and to say I was not impressed would be an understatement.

Why can't these two actually answer the question?! – Now it's no secret that I like McCain, and I think he is a better candidate for President; however neither McCain nor Obama could for some reason answer the questions they were asked.

I realize that there has to be some flexibility when it comes to answering the question.  However when you are asked “What would you do in the first two years on Environmental Issues?”  – Why answer the question with a mini-stump speech?!  Or when you are asked how will this financial crisis effect the average citizen, answer it, don't talk about how you are going to root out the bad guys on Wall Street and in Washington.

I mean when someone asks the question, “Should Health Care Be Treated as a Commodity” – how difficult is it to say, “Yes, it should” or “No, it shouldn't” – sure feel free to expound on that answer, by all means attack your opponent; however ANSWER THE QUESTION FIRST! 

I for one, am tired of the political double-speak, you know The U.S. Constitution was written in plain English so that it could be read and understood by every man, woman and child in the land.  Why is it that the ones responsible for creating/enacting the laws of this country have such a hard time understanding this?!

Hey Mr. Obama, when you agree that “answering responsibly” is a must, then you must agree that answering the question before you go off on a tirade is part of that.  When the question is, “What don't you know and how will you learn it.” – your answer is not to tell us about your upbringing.

DeLeesa and I were excited about watching the first debate, and even more excited about watching the VP Debate, but this time around, both she and I (and I imagine people around the nation) found ourselves saying this is boring, and ridiculous!

I guess we can hope the next one will better; however I doubt it will.

If it hadn't been the Presidential Debate, we would have turned the channel.


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2 Responses to 2nd Presidential Debate

  1. jimr says:

    It’s wrong, and I blame the media. The media is supposed to be the voice of reason, they are supposed to provide us with the information and let us make our decsision, not steer us in the direction that their owners/editors want us to go.

    I long for the Walter Cronckites of the past…

    To hear, just one more time…”…And that’s the way is was…” – would be music to my ears.

  2. jeanine says:

    All three of the debates have been boring. None of the candidates have addressed a single issue of importance to the American people in them, nor will they in the next debate. Dontcha know!