Cell Phones a Poppin’

As many of you know I receive hundreds of emails a day and many of them are “forwards” from friends who just have to know if something is real or not.  I received one from a member of my family today that shows a video (see below) in which a couple of individuals have placed 4 kernels of unpopped popcorn in the middle of 4 cell phones and then they call the phones and viola! the corn pops! – let me just say, this is absurd! – if cell phones released that much EM energy then they would literally fry your brain, it wouldn't be over a long period of time, it would happen in a matter of minutes.


It took me all of about 2 minutes of Googling to find enough evidence that this one is definitely a hoax:




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  1. jimr says:

    Update #1: I just found this video link on CNN showing Cardo Systems CEO, Abraham Glezerman explaining that this was indeed a viral ad campaign and he reveals how they actually did the trick, and no it wasn’t a heating element under the table or even a microwave transmitter. You will have to watch the video to learn…