I have always believed it is mankind's responsibility to give back more than they receive. 

1st Battalion 506th Infantry (AIRBORNE – AIR ASSAULT) Currahee Brotherhood Lifetime Member
Association of Washington Cities Board of Directors (District 4) Board Member
Association of Washington Cities Legislative Committee Member
Grid Network Computing Project


HTML Writer's Guild Member
Industrial Development Corporation of Sunnyside

President: 2004-2007
Director: 2007-2008
Secretary: 2008-2009
Director: 2009-Present

Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Associate Member
International Web Master's Association Member
Internet Engineering Task Force Working Groups Security, Engineering
Internet Society (ISOC) – Los Angeles Chapter Member
League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA)


Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – SETI@Home Project


City of Sunnyside, Volunteer Firefighters' and Reserve Police Officers' Relief and Compensation Fund

Chairman (2010-2012)

City of Sunnyside, Washington – City Council

Councilmember: 2004-2006
Mayor pro tem: 2006-2008
Councilmember: 2008-2009
Mayor pro tem: 2009-2010
Mayor: 2010-2012
Councilmember: 2012-present

City of Sunnyside, Municipal Airport Advisory Board Board Member
People of People, Inc. Board Member
The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association Member
U.S. Army, 8th Infantry Division Pathfinder Association Lifetime Member
University of Connecticut Alumni Association Alumni Member
University of Maryland Alumni Association Alumni Member
Veteran's of Foreign Wars – Sunnyside Post #3482 Lifetime Member
Washington State Regional Transportation Projects Organization (MPO/RTPO) Chairman
Washington State Region #8 (South-Central) EMS & Trauma Care Council Local Elected Representative
Yakima County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) & Trauma Care Council YVCOG Representative
Yakima County Development Association (New Vision) Board Member
Yakima County Disability Board Board Member
Yakima County Gang Commission Vice Chairman
Yakima County Information Technology and Communications Committee County at-Large Represenative
Yakima County Law & Justice Committee Lower Valley Cities Representative
Yakima Valley Conference of Governments

Alternate Delegate: 2004-2006
Primary Delegate: 2006-2007
Executive Cmte: 2007-2008
Vice Chairman: 2008-2010
Chairman: 2010-present

Yakima Valley Mayor's Association

Member: 2006-2008
Member: 2009-2010
Vice Chairman: 2010
Co-Chairman: 2011
Chairman: 2011-2012 (past)

If you are a member of an organization that you feel I should be involved with or would be interested in, please contact me.

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