Association of Washington Cities – Annual Conference

If you were wondering, why I haven't posted in a week or so, it's because I have been attending the Association of Washington Cities – Annual Conference in Yakima, WA.

It was without a doubt the best AWC Conference I have attended since started I was elected in 2004 – The City of Yakima deserves to take a bow as they put on one heck of a show!

The food was great, the presentations were great, even the luncheon speakers were great.  I had the opporuntity to be present for the Governor's luncheon, in which Gov. Gregoire provided the conference attendees with a report on the State of the State, so to speak; although we are in an election year and it was obvious she was doing some campaigning.  Her speech though was for the most part filled with meat and potatoes and not just apple pie [:)]  More on her speech can be found here.

The best part of the conference, and this has been the case at everyone I have attended is the people.  Having the chance to network with my colleagues from around the state is well worth the time and expense involved in attending.  If you are an elected official and have not attened the AWC Annual Conference, you need to, trust me.

Every year I meet new members and every year I make new friends.  This year was no different.  I met a gentlemen who is not only a City Councilman but also a member of a Indian Tribal Council it was great talking with him about the differences between the two agencies, and then I met a Councilmember from a nearby city who holds 3 separate master's degrees, including a degree in law and has passed the bar in California and is a adjunct professor teaching paralegals at a local community college.  Then I also met a city staff member who attends to keep up on the latest changes, and bring back something to her council members.

It never amazes me how many different walks of life there are in the political arena.

I am already looking forward to next year's conference in Spokane.

Until then…





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2 Responses to Association of Washington Cities – Annual Conference

  1. jimr says:

    Thank you so much Sandy. It is truly a shame that your council members don’t attend, they need to. However I am glad to see that you can find the time, and bring back your knowledge to them. They should consider themselves lucky to have you as a staff member.

  2. Sandy Paul says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you, too. I’m humbled by all the intelligent people I meet at these conferences. My job seldom allows me to express an opinion. I can share my ideas and thoughts and bring home new fresh ideas, too. I began attending because my Councilmembers and Mayor would not. They are really missing something valuable.