For those of you who don't know what it means, it's an Indian word spoken by a special group of guys that I had the pleasure to serve with in Korea.  They are the 1st Battalion 506th Infantry, and are the last of a famous unit known as “The Band of Brothers.”

To say that this was the finest unit I ever served in is to make an understatement.  I have had the pleasure to serve in some great units, the 504th Infantry at Fort Bragg, NC, the 325th Infantry in Vicenza, Italy both part of the 82nd Airborne Division and the 22nd Infantry of 10th Mountain Division.  However none of them compare to my time in the 506th, they were without a doubt the most “squared away” unit of my career.

So when a fellow Currahee sent me this email this morning, I felt I needed to tell the world!


—-Original Message—-

From: M. Bookser
To: J. Restucci
Subj:  Currahee!

Walter Reed Deputy for Clinical Services to Gen Petraeus.


Wanted to provide feedback on one of the most amazing stories I have heard in my 30 months as Deputy at Walter Reed.

Visited with a family Friday night whom I have known for a few weeks.
Their son lost both legs and has severe traumatic brain injury from an IED blast.  He had been unresponsive since his arrival at Walter Reed. 

I mentioned that the nurses told me that he gave them a thumbs up that morning.

“He did better than that, Dr. Callahan.  He has been answering questions appropriately. He is trying to cover his trach to speak.  He asked to see his buddy on another floor.”

“We have the miracle we were asking for.”

“When did this start?” I asked,

“Remember General Petraeus was here yesterday?  It happened when he was here.  He said something to him, ‘curry' or something. That is when it started.”

“Curry? Do you mean Currahee?”

“Yea! That's it.  When he heard that, he looked right at the General and tried to salute – that's when everything started.”

He roused at the sound of ‘Currahee' – the thought of his band of brothers, the voice and sight of his Commander and the reminder that he didn't stand alone.

Thanks for your visit, Sir.
Come again soon.

Chuck Callahan
Deputy Commander for Clinical Services
Walter Reed

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2 Responses to Currahee!


    My son is a Currahee 1/506 He is currently serving in Ghazni Afghanistan he is apart of the New Band Of Brothers a great group of people ( I miss )I am very proud of

  2. jimr says:

    Tracy: Thank you for posting your comment. I too am proud of your son and pray for his safe return, as he is one of my brothers now 🙂