Apologies to the Forum Regulars

Dear Forum Regulars (and you know who you are):

I am sorry to say that as of May 15th, 2008 the old forums, or “Axcess Forums” as you know it will no longer be in existence.  We will leave the server up for approximately 90 days to allow you to retrieve posts; however on May 15th, 2008 the forum will be “frozen” and no additional posts will be allowed, at the same time we will launch our new social networking site, myaxcess.com™.

The new site will of course have community based forums like you were used to; however it will now offer group based forums and personal and group blogs.  Another feature that many of you have asked for is a photo gallery.  This site will go one step further and offer Media Galleries which can be photo, video, music and file downloads.  There are so many new features to this new site that I can not name them all; however one in particular that I believe you will like is the ability to authenticate through numerous applications, including forms-based (username/password), OpenID and Active Directory (for our subscribers).

I know many of you will not want to make the transition as change is sometimes difficult; however I can promise you that if you do, you will not be disappointed.  The management team and staff as well as myself are very excited about this new solution, and we hope that you will embrace it as well.

We realize that just starting off, it will take a lot of work on the part of us as well as you to make this site as popular as our previous sites and so I am asking you as a loyal member of the Axcess Forums to give this site a chance, you will be doing me and Axcess Internet a big favor. 

To sweeten the deal, I am offering the first 25 members who register a free personal blog and media gallery with 100MB of space.  If you are interested, pre-registration is being offered at this link.  This offer is only good until May 15th, 2008 when we go live.


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