Problems with opening SharePoint alerts in Outlook 2007

Many people are having problems with SharePoint and Outlook 2007 Alerts.  Although there are a number of ways around it you can try the the hotfix from Microsoft; however in my case that didn't work.  You can always click the REPLY TO button and you will see the alert, but that kind of defeats the purpose of viewing the alert in the Preview Pane.

Well I have come up with a solution, instead of using Alerts, I use RSS Feeds instead.  Since Outlook 2007 allows for viewing of RSS Feeds I just subscribed to the feed and viola, I can now see the entire message anytime I like; and I can search in Outlook 2007 for past articles, announcements, calendar items, etc…

Below is the link to Joel Oleson's Blog, it contains the link to the Microsoft Hotfix, I would recommend trying it, it may work for you; however if it doesn't then I can guarantee my fix will work.

Joel Oleson's Blog – SharePoint Land : Problem Opening SharePoint Server Alert in Outlook 2007


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4 Responses to Problems with opening SharePoint alerts in Outlook 2007

  1. jimr says:

    Thanks Alex! – I too was able to get it work once we all upgraded to Office 2007 and the above named updated.

  2. jimr says:

    Mark, I wanted to let you know that I found a better RSS feed reader, it’s third-party from Smiling Goat and it works great,

  3. jimr says:

    Well folks, Mark is correct, so I guess it’s back to the drawing board. I can say that it does work for my particular situation; however this is still an issue that needs and hopefully will be addressed soon by Redmond.

  4. Mark Miller says:

    Jim – One of the problems with the RSS feeds is that the RSS reader web part can not read an authenticated feed.

    It gets kind of weird when a site can’t even access its own information, but that’s the case with the reader.