Gang bill adopted by lawmakers

Way to go Charles! – Finally some good news! – I can't tell you how hard I fought for this legislation, and how many times I spoke to people and groups about Sunnyside's Gang Ordinance.  Every time I did though, I made it clear that I thought this [our ordinance] needed to be addressed at the State level.

Charles is a good man, and I knew when he ran for office that he would do good things, this is definitely a feather in his cap.

I only wish that the papers had mentioned that it was Sunnyside who first enacted this type of legislation in Washington, and it was me and my colleagues who pushed and pushed our legislators to make it happen.

Now if this goes through the Senate with the same fervor and they [State Legislature] earmark the funding for it, we will be one step closer to addressing the gang issues in our communities.


For those of you who didn't get a chance to see our legislation, I have attached the ordinance below. 


And for those that want to read the Engrossed Second Bill (the original went through a number of changes) – I have provided a link to the Legislative website.






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