NLC ITC Appointment

I am happy to announce that for the first time in my political career I have been appointed to a National Board.

The Association of Washington Cities has appointed me to the National League of Cities Information Technology & Communications Committee.  The committee consists of municipal elected officials from all over the U.S, and is broken down into two sub-committees, they are:

  • A larger policy and advocacy committee, which chooses the policy agenda for the year and reviews the proposed policy proposals and resolutions drafted on that agenda by the steering committee; and
  • A steering committee, which researches the agenda topics chosen and drafts policy positions for policy and advocacy committee review.

The Information Technology and Communications (ITC) Committee has jurisdiction over issues related to telecommunications and information systems and public access to these systems, including privacy issues, cable TV, phone services, spectrum issues, communications tower siting, universal service, broadcasting, and defense of city rights-of-way from degradation caused by installation of communications facilities.

More information about the Committee can be found at the NLC's Website here:

I am very excited about this appointment.  For one thing, historically this post has been given to someone in a much larger city on the Western side of the state, so this is not only a feather in my cap, but one for the City of Sunnyside as well.  Also, I am the only one in all of the committee appointments this year (see attached letter – page 2) from Central Washington.  All of the other appointments are from either Western Washington or Eastern Washington.  This appointment will place a lot exposure on me at the County and State level.  I have already been asked by the County Commission to sit on their Technology Committee due to this appointment.

I have not made contact yet with the other members of the committee; however I plan to do so very shortly.  In the meantime I have to prepare for the first meeting of the committee which will be held in Washington D.C. on March 9, 2008.  This will be in conjunction with the National League of Cities Congressional Conference, March 8-12, 2008 which I will be attending.

I am not sure on the schedule yet, but hopefully I will get a chance to see some of you while I am there.






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