Fred Thompson Calls It Quits


I don't know what to say, I am disappointed in Fred.  I was excited when he entered the race, but from day two (cause day one really was exciting) – I could tell there was going to be problems.  I am not sure if he got bad advice from his staff, or he just didn't care enough about the office.  I know the guy is a multi-millionaire and he doesn't need to headaches of being president, but I honestly believe that he would have made a good president.

Oh, well it's not leaving much left in the way of choices.  I like Mike, but I don't believe he is electable (damn, is that word?) enough.  I think if he goes against Obama or Clinton he would loose.  So I am stuck with McCain or Romney.  Now Romney scares me, he strikes me as a career politician who will say or do anything to get in office.  He has flip-flopped so many times I can't count.  Then there is McCain, I like John, I respect him for his service to our country, but I am worried that choosing him would keep things status quo.

I hope as get closer my clear choice will present itself; however as it stands right now, I have no idea who to vote for.


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