Editorial: Privatization

A word on privatization…

As a member of the Sunnyside City Council, I listened intently last night as many citizens stepped up to the podium and made it clear that they are against privatization. A few of those individuals made very poignant arguments; however, the fact of the matter is this, for every city that has had a bad experience with privatization, there is another that has had a good experience.

Now I am not saying that I am either for or against privatization, what I am saying is that the citizens of Sunnyside elected me to be their watchdog, to make sure that I make sound fiscal decisions when it comes to using the City's money. In order to do this, I need to be able to look at all aspects of the City's budget, this includes possible privatization.

Good Citizens of Sunnyside, I will promise you this, whether or not I vote in favor of privatization, I will never vote for less quality or poorer standards regardless of the cost.

Councilman Jim Restucci
Sunnyside, Washington

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