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L.R. Zimmerman, Epitacio Navarro, Richard Wilson, Kenny Nelson, Bill Kresse, Don Hughes, June Hughes, Stan Snow, Elaine Snow, Dan Kephart, Brenda Kephart, Pedro Chiprez, Jim Grubenhoff, Bob W. Hall, Sandra Martinez, John Dalrymple, Mike Aguirre

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to read your Letter to the Editor and please let me say, I was extremely disappointed, nay appalled with your comments.

First of all, the last time I checked Mr. Ricks is not the Mayor; therefore he does not speak for the entire Council. Mr. Ricks, just as you ladies and gentlemen were doing in your letter was exercising his First Amendment rights, at no time did he say he represented or spoke on behalf of the Council.

To set the record straight, the “City Coffers” have not been diminished one iota by the purchase of the Monson Feed Lot, if you are not familiar with how the land was purchased, I would suggest you contact the City Manager, Mr. Bob Stockwell as I am sure he would be glad to educate you on the facts.

On your comments regarding privatization, I believe I have already made my thoughts clear on this subject; however for the sake of those readers who did not see my last letter, I will reiterate. I am neither for nor against privatization. I have heard and witnessed both successes and failures when it comes to its implementation; however in my opinion to overlook privatization simply because it is unpopular would be fiscally irresponsible.

I have to admit that calling me as well as my colleagues “small minded” is an extremely bold move on your part, considering of your numbers I have only personally met one of you, and I find it hard to believe that they would allow you to make such a statement about me. Before you pass judgment, why not come to a Council meeting; take the time to get to know me, discuss your issues with me, and let me have an opportunity to hear your side as well as give me the same opportunity to present my side. If after we have talked, you still feel the same way; by all means feel free to call me “small minded”. I personally feel that “name calling” and personal attacks are non-productive and only serve to confuse the issues.

As for your comments about having the citizens “stand up” to the “little council”…

I will close with saying, citizens of Sunnyside, come to Council meetings, voice your opinion, it’s your right! I for one will welcome the opportunity to hear what you have to say.

Councilman Jim Restucci
Sunnyside, Washington

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